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Create a web environment for employees on the road

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Create a web environment for employees on the road

Case Study - EGoals

The Problem:

Investment Executives travel most of the time. Managers find it difficult to set or modify target goals and review business activities.

The Approach:
  • Analyzed 'As-Is' technology environments.
  • Identified scope of existing internet/intranet access availability for all employees.
  • Applied Enterprise Architecture Framework & End User Domain Knowledge (MS EXCEL).
  • Designed conceptual and logical models.
  • Developed a full fledged web application that will suit managers and Investment Executives.
Architecture Design Benefits:
  • A full fledged easy access to the Investment Executives Sales Data anytime, anywhere.
  • A consensus framework that uses number crunching spreadsheet application for computation.
  • A single point storage of data for easy access anytime, anywhere.
  • A commonly accepted vocabulary (Domain Key words) with which to describe the business.
Technologies Used:

ASP, XML, MS SQL Server, COM, MS Excel.

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