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Provide Online Management of Funds to client's financial advisors

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Provide Online Management of Funds to client's financial advisors

Case Study - Shareholder Reporting and Broker Advising

The Problem:

The Share Holder Project is to replace the existing NetDynamics based infrastructure and proprietary Java code with fully J2EE compliant system. Some of the pieces included were: Statements on Demand, Simple IRA, Section 529 Search, Customer Workstation. Broker Project is to provide Online Management of funds to Client's financial advisors. Part of the implementation was carried out by an offshore team.

The Approach:
  • Worked with Clients users and business analysts to gather requirements
  • Designed and developed the framework based on Sun's JATO and MVC architecture. Custom classes include Session Management and Data Access Layer.
  • Used MQSeries in Data Access layer to interact with Mainframe.
  • Developed reusable custom tag libraries for JSP pages.
  • Prepared and coordinated plans for Project's dress reheasal and production transition. Developed Unix Shell Scripts for analyzing log files and monitoring.
  • Coordinated the activities of five member offshore implementation team in India.
Architecture Design Benefits:
  • The framework that was developed was adapted as a standard for company-wide usage for client.
  • Prepared performance testing plans and used Silk Performer to execute the plans.
  • The design uses MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and Design Patterns like Factory Method, Proxy and Chain of Responsibility.
Technologies Used:

J2EE, JSP, EJB, Servlets, JATO, IBM MQSeries, JDBC, JNDI, iPlanet App Server 6.0, Oracle 8, UML, ANT and XML.

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