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Create a web system to automate the annual focal review of large company

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Create a web system to automate the annual focal review of large company

Case Study -Intuit Merit Review

The Problem:
Automate the annual focal review (AFR) process in Intuit Enterprise environment. The AFR process involves, lot of interaction between the people in different level of the Organization, security, data integrity of continuous changing employees and the workflow. Our web based solution captures all of the workflow involved, provides budget guidelines at individual basis, extensive report generation and handles complex business rules.
The Approach:
  • Identified trends in Annual Focal Review (AFR) systems.
  • Applied Enterprise level multi layer Web based Architecture.
  • Designed the system for Highly scalable and Secure.
  • Highly Configurable and Easy Customizable.
  • Most of the business rules are table driven.
Architecture Design Benefits:
  • Full control in Users administration and Auditing of Review process.
  • Process control on any stage of the Review process.
  • Information will be sent through emails in between reviewers and HR admin.
  • Review process made easy for the reviewers by providing the history and current budget guide lines of the employees.
  • Complex accounting calculations are made easy.
  • Due to the table driven rules based approach any modifications for the next review cycle were made easy.
  • Extensive reports generation
Technologies Used:

ASP, XML, MS SQL Server, COM, MS Excel.

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