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Create a single intranet solution for large enterprise

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Create a single intranet solution for large enterprise

Case Study - Secured Single Sign On Engine

The Problem:

Employees accessing Intranet applications spend considerable amount of time in logging on to each application with a different user ID and password. Organizations spend considerable amount of time and money in maintaining user profiles alone.

The Approach:
  • Analyzed 'As-Is' technology environments.
  • Identified scope for a single point of authentication.
  • Applied Enterprise Architecture Framework & internet browser capablities.
  • Designed conceptual and logical models.
  • Developed a full fledged web solution that will allow secured single sign on across intranet applications.
Architecture Design Benefits:
  • Central management of user profile.
  • Reduced workload for system and data administrators.
  • A single userID and password access to all applications in the intranet.
  • Reduced time for signing in by an user to multiple applications.
Technologies Used:

ASP, XML, Oracle, COM, Java, LDAP, Active Directory

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